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Equity Trading

Equity trading is one of our core competency, our team provides trading ideas and strategies through a team of knowlegable & experienced dealers. Innovative strategies are generated based on market technicals and arbitrage.

We deliver high quality personalized services, supported by strong operations team using state of the art trading and risk management systems.

Equity Advisory

We offer equity advisory services to all retail clients, high networth individuals (HNIs) & NRIs through a dedicated team of expert advisors.

The Advisory team specializes in designing tailor-made investment worthy ideas and trading opportunities depending on clients risk appetite and investment horizon.

Equity Research

Earnest Capital offers quality research and analysis-based services to all categories of investors. A dedicated research team provides significant insights through independent, indepth research and analysis on quality growth companies across the market- capitalisation spectrum, pertaining to the Indian economy, corporates and related market intelligence.

The research team focuses on high quality research ideas with a focus on value-based stock picking, strong company management, robust corporate growth and future earning potential.



Derivative means an instrument with underlying assets based on equity securities. An equity derivative's value will fluctuate with changes in its underlying asset's equity, which is usually measured by share price.

Futures contracts, forward contracts, options and swaps are the most common types of derivatives. Derivatives are contracts and can be used as an underlying asset. Derivatives are generally used to hedge risk.

Equity Derivative

Investors can use equity derivatives to hedge the risk associated with taking a position in stock by setting limits to the losses incurred by either a short or long position in a company's shares. This is done by paying the cost of the derivative contract, which is referred to as a premium. If an investor purchases a stock, he or she can protect against a loss in share value by purchasing a put option. On the other hand, if the investor has shorted shares, he or she can hedge against a gain in share price by purchasing a call option. Options are the most common equity derivatives because they directly grant the holder the right to buy or sell equity at a predetermined value. More complex equity derivatives include equity index swaps, convertible bonds or stock index futures.

Earnest Capital specialises in Derivative trading to hedge risk & optimise returns. We use call & put option in underlying equity as well as currency.